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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 18 anime
the way the store used to ship the parcel not me chosen ; it use registered china mail instead of my choice: ePacket (the faster and the way able to track in Canada). the parcel finally need over 60 days to receive, during the transit i couldn't track it in local post system, even i asked the seller after i waited over a month, he also doesn't know where is it and just tell me wait. the seller also packed the parcel by a not safe way with out card board protection and the item is out side the retail box . the parcel arrived in an irregular shape with several broken on the packing material. fortunately, there is no damage to the item, if there is damages may be i need to return it.
The stand is kind of hard to put into the base and the back of the figure and Elisabeths tail broke off during transport so it's very flimsy. Apart from that the figures look decent enough.