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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 24 guitarra pescoço
Took a full month to get guitar and it needed a little finessing . Nut was not cut properly and caused a buzz on open high E string . For me not a big deal-replaced with another I had on hand . New strings and set truss rod , action and intonation . It has a beefy articulate tone to it . The neck joint on mine is very tight and well fitting and the guitar resonates and projects well unplugged. The pickups may be a cheaper brand but do their job nicely . Pots are smooth and jack is tight . This is a nice guitar beyond the price even though it needed some tweaking.The luminous markers are a nice touch . A few high frets but workable . It has its faults as listed but bottom line-I will be purchasing another for myself and one for my brother as a gift .