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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 32650 bateria
Ordered May 10, delivered June 6 (to Eastern Europe). Material passed salt water test cleanly so it should be pure nickel but thickness is just 0.15mm instead of 0.2mm as advertised in description. (I have in possession similar material of both these thickness options so I can compare them not just by measuring but also directly with each other so this is not about measuring mistake). On the other hand, other alternative sellers of this particular size of nickel strip are also actually selling the same 0.15mm thickness advertised as 0.2mm - got likely from the same primary source (I have ordered in several places and compared them to be identical, including individual packing of each piece). So at this moment there seems to not be better alternative.
I was really sceptical when i was buying this strip, but when i got it on my hands then all my thoughts left. It is real 0.2mm and it is PURE nickel strip and not nickel plated. So yes this store will be my one way buying source. Thanks.