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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 3d vr câmera
I received this item in good time. I put it in front of my door so that I can take care of my house when I go out. I follow the instruction but not success.The seller send me the detail of install and it works. I can watch it from my phone, control the light easily. There are two-way audio so that I can hear the sound via my phone and talk. Surprised!! It's pretty clearly and I would like to purchase again.
After getting the parcel from the costums (please provide an ivnoice on the outer side of the parcel when you ship to the EU next time) I was keen to find out if the camera was working. Installation was very easy. just plug (or srew) and play. The app, however, is not optimized for ios on iphone (x and 8) but is still working. I was unable to connect the camera to the wifi network eventhough motions sensor and LED was working. After contacting the seller, they helped me out and gave me an instruction on how to connect the camera. Now it is working very good, and I am using the camera on 2 iphone simultaniously. Thank you for this nice item!