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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 combination lock
This strap is even better in person. I have become accustomed to the good quality of products offered here on AliExpress but this product easily surpassed my expectations. Not only it is quite sturdy, but it is also beautiful. My phone has some trouble capturing blue colours but while the lock is a medium blue, the strap itself is a gorgeous shade of turquoise. I love it! Two thumbs up. Highly reccomend.
i beleive it is a good key box. it is secure. it is nearly imposible to pick the lock. compared with masterlock key box- masterlock looks stroger, all the parts are from metal. This one is strong but not so much as masterlock and some parts of the lock are from plastic. however if you try to pick the lock this one is much harder to pick than masterlock key box, which is a big plus.