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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 50w led smd
Good packaging. I ordered 3pcs 30w.. But you will need a driver for led to get full 30w power. At 12v it draws only 0.5 amp so the power at 12v is only 6 watts. You need 15-16v to reach full power. At 16 volts it draws 2.1 amps. So at 16v you get full 30w power.
got 2 x W , warm white ; test: all LED chips about same brightness - good ! reverse current < 10 uA - good ! very bright and good colour . GOOD !
well packed,was open but everything was OK.i can't compare because chips are without brand,power,volts-nothing.can see the photo.more:"+ " and "- " are stamped on the wrong side so you can't decide which one is + or -.use a multimeter and find it.the base looks aluminium but it's not-just cromated steel.fits my old projector place and already installed one.i'll wait to see durability.actually is OK.