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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 57 milímetros speaker
Despite the small size, the sound quality is quite good. I'd say better than some of the larger (but cheaper) models available. The coiled part of the cable is a bit short if you want to wear the microphone on your shoulder and the radio on your belt. It will certainly stretch out enough to do that, but the tension is a bit high.
The OKCSC M2 open back headphones have arrived today and I quite like them. The transaction went smoothly, they were shipped quickly and arrived in less than a week, which is pretty impressive. They sound very clean and clear, bass extends fairly low and I think treble's extended nicely, too. There was a bit of volume imbalance between the left and right channel (left being weaker). Oddly, swapping the cables and rotating the headphones seems to have resolved it. The are also comfortable to wear, being very light and the pads soft and pretty plush for foam pads. The cable seems decent, too, although I'd like to get a spare, just in case.