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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 613 cabelo
I am the loyal customer in this company as I was in loved with their quality. The hair arrived in good time. There was no smell and the hair was soft. I decided to lift the hair and tone it. The hair lifted fast and was still soft even after bleaching. I will be ordering again soon.
I was really sceptical when purchasing this hair as I did not see much reviews but this hair is amazing! I’ve had it for over a month and I can genuinely say it’s one of the best quality hair I have purchased. It’s so go I plan on making an in depth YouTube video reviewing the hair after 3months. YouTube channel is ‘iampaxo’ if you’re interested.
I have ordered from them before and i am never disappointed,Love the hair it's thick full closure is amazing very slick no shedding I made the hair into a wig. I am used to getting closures and this closure is perfect I do't really need to bleach the knots. my client was so happy. will order more.
The hair came very quick. The hair wasn't as soft as advertised on their you tube video, which I was a little disappointed with. The closure should not have been sent out, should never have passed quality control (if they have any) it had so many spiky hairs on it. I did have an issue with the hair, but we ended up coming to an agreement before I had to open a dispute. Toned the hair, not sure if it was me or the light brown dye I used, but the hair turned to a very dull dirty blonde.
I just want to say thank you. The hair is beyond beautiful. I dyed and customized the wigs for my clients, and they loved the hair. The wefts are thick, full and so silky. Will not purchase from anyone else. I’s been getting nothing but compliments on how beautiful and natural the hair looks. I will get more business because the best quality hair from Baisi. I rate this hair 5 stars, happy customer service. Will order more soon.