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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6v banco de potência
The panel I received only produced about 5 watts maximum - full sunlight, middle of day, month of July, in Ireland. Maybe it produces 10 watts in the middle of Africa. Maybe my panel is not working 100%. Will charge a phone, but only in full sun. Product description should give more accurate numbers for different weather etc.
The build quality (of the orange one) is almost the same as blue xiaomi. But the original blue xiaomi is almost completely silent whereas the orange one is buzzing. All in all I'm pleased with the fan but if you care about silence buy original xiaomi.
This solar panel is really light at only 66 grams. It works okay on very sunny days when connected directly to my phone with the phone off but where it really shines is when you connect it to a good power bank. Here is a test I did this morning: I recharged my phone which has a 2800 mAmp battery that was at 46% charge so it needed roughly 1500 mAmp to be fully charged. Once the phone was recharged, I plugged the solar panel on the power bank. The power bank went from 80% to 100% in exactly 66 minutes. The solar recharge was done at 9am on a rather cloudy day so these results are actually way above what I was expecting. I got the same kind of results two days ago on an equally cloudy day. I am including a picture to show how cloudy it was when I did the test.