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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 7 artesão
There is a scratch on the surface of the lens. The length of the scratch is approximately 0.5cm. The scratch is mechanical and can not be erased. The parcel was delivered very quickly. Everything is packed well and the lens is well made and working.
For the price it's an awesome built lens,i could recommend for any one who starting with new apsc sony mirrorless cameras.bokhe is very shallow and nice.manual focusing is very smooth and aperture ring also nice. f2.8 onwards you will get better result.
Took over a month to arrive but when it did arrive everything was as expected. The lens was packaged well and undamaged. The lens itself is fairly soft wide open, especially at its minimum focusing distance and everything has a bit of a glow. When you stop down it gets sharper. The bokeh is very interesting and changes from spiral at f1.1 to standard circles at f 1.4. Overall a very interesting lens with a lot of character. Not for pixel peepers.
The lens construction is a beauty! i'm still testing but it's not always sharp at f2.8, any way at f4.0 works quite quite well even in low light situations. The shipping was very fast, the seller good to. All in all a very good buy!