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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 9mm magnet
The product is on point! What you see on Aliexpress is what you get from these guys. I like that the service is fast, well packaged, and price is "COST EFFECTIVE". I am soon to purchase more from this store. Communication is great! Thank you guys for a job well done. Keep up the good work. I highly appreciate it. Coop' Bass "4" Life . : )
Great bang for the buck, pickups sound punchy, rich, full enough on the lows and detailed without being too hi-fi. Build looks solid and clean. I'm combining one of these with the stock pickup in a SBMM Ray35 (picture is a quick test rig I made for experimenting with pickup position). If they wound a little more wire in these pickups their gain would be on par with stock Musicman pickups (which are a little hotter than these). All in all, great buy.
Well packed, fast shipping, but the magnet is not so strong as i expected, and the real size of it is not as was written. 4cm is size of magnet with body, the magnet inside is 3cm. Overall - nice toy for that prize.