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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for action figure sinon
I would have given it a full 5 star if it were not for this one tiny strange thing. The figure itself looks really nice. The hair colour especially. There is a weird glue patch on part of the figure but its really small and i managed to clean most of it off. Otherwise for the price, this figure is pretty good. I ordered this figure with the art box. The art box itself was not wrapped around the figure. The figure was put between two plastic pieces to keep it safe. I assumed they would put this inside the art box. Nope. The art box was folded and put to the side in the shipping box next to the figure. Isn't that very strange? Why wouldn't you ship the figure in the plastic which would be put in the art box itself? For that reason I have given this 4 stars. It's a good figure. If you like Sinon you should get this. Though I don't think buying the art box is worth it for additional protection of the figure during shipping. It isn't wrapped around the figure.
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