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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for alloy dice
Nice Titanium Die. The tritium slots are nicely machined and no rough or share edges. I installed 1.5 x 6MM Tritium gas lights in the slots. You will need to glue them in place with a clear glue. I used Norland 61because it's optically clear. Emily at HA EDC Tools will take care of you. Order from this seller with confidence.
I was building a new spaceship for my squirrels and they said it would be unlucky without han solos dice and would not try to get to space with it so I phoned JJ Abrahams and asked if I could have there's but he said no so i had to find a replacement and I could not believe my luck when I saw them on Ali express so I showed them to my squirrels and they said they would do. now i have to find spaceship suits for them