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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for am fm mp3 rádio
Thank you! Excellent radio! It has a lot of functions and it has English manual! It is possible to switch it's menus to English (you will need microSD card to see Configuration menu where you can choose languages).
Received item in good condition, 24 days after ordering. It is a very nice radio and very enjoyable to use. Can save all stations (AM/FM) that it can find, no limit. Can go directly to each saved station (e.g. entering 21 brings you to the 21st saved station), or directly to a frequency (e.g. entering 883 will take you to 88.3 Mhz assuming you are in FM). Awesome for travel, camping or just plain listening to good old AM/FM at home.
Feels solid. Sounds very good! Some glitches: 1.) It will not play when connected to USB power supply. 2.) When connected to USB on a computer, it plays OK. However, trying to play the file on the micro usb chip using Window File Explorer, it only play through the radio speaker and not through the computer.
I never got package tgis fast. I paid 16€ extra and it was fast. Radio is as on picture. Will report how it works when it is instaled. will get some pictures.