Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android indonésia
The seller was very helpfull and the radio works pretty well. Takes a little while to boot when you start your car as it doesn't seem to have a sleep state but it does remember radio channels/volume as long as you connect the right channels. I have not installed the rear camera properly yet but i have tested it and it pauses everything right away when you put the car in reverse.
Great player ! Radio is instantly on ! The music app is very limited though : it can only read MP3 ! I downloaded the VLC app, it reads everything i throw at it ! But to avoid future problems I am now ripping all my CDs in MP3 ! :( It is mainly plug-and-play ! Very easy to install ! Fast shipping : received it in 6 days ! If someone knows how to assign the Music Icon to a new music app (VLC), please let me know ! Thankyou ! I'm very happy of my purchase ! Thanks !
Love it! Came in 6 days super quick! Sound is cleaner and more precise. Nav works good. With a usb you can load thousands of songs / music videos / movies. You should get it is worth it. Took me two hours to install with no experience.
Product is as described. A few issues: Lower part of the unit is not flush with the cubbies in the TSX, sticks out about an inch. Grounding is an issue with the unit. It isn't properly grounded and causes a weird whining noise when you accelerate. I haven't used blue tooth, but everything else functions well. Climate control functions lag a tiny bit. If you Navi stopped working, this is your best option. Works really well and the GPS is a nice touch. Everything else fits really nice and I have no complaints.
They offer a gift only for the octa core device but is not very clear in the advertisment. Anyway they pay a good customer service and fast answer. The better shipping that know, free and extremly fast. Very satisfied.