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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android t2
The design seems to be a clone of KI plus revision 2 design with Samsung emmc replacing older nand. Tested with many firmwares for KI plus including Malaysk firmware. Meelo doesn't provide any firmwares of their own. The main problem with this box is that the processor has a medicore heatsink and runs at around 70°C while watching TV channels. It climbs up to around 80° - 85° C while using YouTube or Kodi. I didn't dare even to play any games on it. I have ordered a GPU heatsink with fan to replace the default one glued over the processor.
Seller missed to set my phone number in package and delivery company sent my item to storage warehouse, because they can't contact with me. I wait long time after package come to my city and just after found other tracking system and found delivery company with my package. After I contact them, package was moved to local office and I take it. If I didn't contact in this case delivery company, that said that in some time package will be utilize. So please set correct phone number in parcel for future.