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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for atmega168p
The order is returned to the seller due to a postal problem. The seller had promised me a refund, but it wasn't done. I waited until the last possible day before leaving this feedback.
I love these little microcontrollers. They have so much computing power in such a tiny, easy-to-use format! These look identical to many Arduinos I've used, and none of them have had any problems with being progammed (you'll need to install CH340 drivers if you're on Windows like I am). And what a price! These came well packaged in their own individual anti-static bags.
NOTE: YOU CANNOT PLUG IT IN AND JUST PROGRAM IT! YOU HAVE TO INSTALL AN EXTRA DRIVER! Because it has an other USB chip. With Linux its difficult! I'm still trying to Program it, but I havent done it until now. 73 LEDSchlucker