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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for saco fivela gancho
Excellent. Product matches description. I had a travel clothesline and one end broke. I purchased a new travel clothesline but it wasn't as good (too tightly wound couldn't properly hang items from it!) and so I tried to find a new end so I could fix my old one, and found these to try. So glad I did as I managed to get the remainder of the old piece off and one of these new ones on the travel clothesline. Be warned, once they click into place, you don't get a second go! These new ones are slightly different to the original, but close enough that no one would be able to tell unless they looked closely. I haven't used the travel clothesline since my repair, but am excited that it seems to be good to go again! Now I have 4 spare hook ends in case it happens again. Delivery took a long time - the longest of 4 items ordered same time: Ordered 29/3/18, arrived 28/4/18 (New Zealand). No bubble wrap used.