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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for saco para sapatos na escola
I never met such a good seller, I made mistake and order my backpack twice, realized when it was too late but he still managed to help me! He gived me choice if I want back my money or I'll choose some other backpack, I was really happy that seller helped me so I chosed second option. So I received my first backpack, than second one...but what? He gave me third one as a gift?!!! And the best thing is that I like that third one the most! :D Thank you so much lemon kitten official store !! I will definitely buy more from this seller in the future!
Ordered Jun. 22 2018, received Jul. 28. Inside the plastic envelope were two packages with labels. So I guess each packet contains a 100 labels, all though I didn't count them. Noticed that some lines (for cutting with scissors) are missing. No big deal.
Excellent sellers communication and quick delivery. It was as sent as description. Good quality and lots of features. This is my first time purchase with tigernu. Hope it makes me happy and comfortable in a long run.
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