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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for saco de homem ombro
The bag is really cheap quality but for 9 usd it's not bad. Also the smell is really bad the first time you open the package but it will pass away after couple of days. I mainly just use it when I go on bicycle or go for a run but I wouldn't recommend it for normal wear because then the cheap quality really shows.
Product was shipped out almost immediately and arrived in Qatar a lot faster than normal. Great shipping. Design and style is really nice. Leather feels soft to touch, very nice man bag. Unfortunately, my piece has some quality problem with glue droplets and some skipped stitching. However, the seller is excellent. They replied and handle the case swiftly. Very satisfied with the service.
The shipping was less that two weeks. Bag looks smaller than on the pictures, the guy has to be tiny there :-) The belt won't be long enough for tall guys I would expect the leather to be softer, but in general it's nice and thanks for a small gift. Happy with your service.