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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bagpack
The sales person was very fast to handle and dispatch the order. The product is good. I hope to make more deals with him. I´m glad to receive a little souvenir.
Product came really fast, it was maybe 2 weeks, but when it came it was really nice secured, first normal package, like other products, with Tigernu logo on the back, inside was backpack in another protective foil to prevent any discoloration or damage. This backpack have like 10 pockets and one is really nice hidden for any precious item. There is cable inside, for pass-through to connect for powerbank inside and phone/tablet on the other side and is pretty nice secured to prevent moving inside pocket (yes, it is inside another pocket, secured, and if something happens to it you can replace it with another one). For carrying laptop with dozens of other items it is just perfect for the first look, you can have everything really nice organized and still have few empty pockets. Material is also really nice, it fells good quality, and also have two leather-like accents on the front :)
Product was as described on the web page. The product is good quality, good material, god build, no issues . I wish it had a few more small pockets inside. I wish it had double zippers for the outer compartment and for the laptop compartment too. Only one real down side: The payment fees for Direct Bank Transfer were horrible. They took 25 EUR just to make the money transfer. The packaging: I like the sealed bag in which it was packed, it arrived clean, but the transporters pressed/squashed it a little bit. In a box it would have been protected. But that is no big issue because after a while it came back to it's original shape, and is ok now. Thank you
the back pack is great & it is very roomy! sadly the charger did not work when I received it & the se Iller was very nice & gave me the 25% discount I asked for. mainly bought it for this feature but overall experience with seller was great & they got back to me every time within 48 hours(time difference & other customers must be taken into consideration when you deal with a seller). I will buy from this seller again!
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