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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ball intelligent robot
Bit funny when it moves, and a pain to click together. Managed to rip out the speaker, because the moment you put the last battery in, the sound screams at you and can't be turned off (speaker can be found in the main unit, cut both blue wires, won't affect anything else)
yes i receive i try, and it s good funny, need a space with soft gate, because when knock on the wall the head fall and when it goes near metal the head stick there! haha
I can't describe the reaction of the children when them saw this BB 8 robot. It's fun, interesting and adorable! The seller is very kind and always respondes my questions. I recommend!!! ♥️
I can say only Excellent for this shopping. Very fast, very good product and best seller in this world. He is like a friend. I am so happy for meet them, thank you for everything... Awesome shopping.
This is the 2nd order i place found it on a flash deal which is a well worth it. It fun to yet to play around with. Very well package and quickly delivery. As its the same frequency i though it would not work at the same time. This is not the case was able to play with them both but had to switch it on in different room. I'm sure both of my nephew would love them thanks for the fast delivery