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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for baofeng uv8d
So far very good quality over another counterfeit brand stating Nagoya. These are 1000x better. The only downside is they do not fit my GT-5TP radios. The antenna hole is countersunk as opposed to the UV-5RTP. I’ll have to use a Dremel to open the hole up a tad to make it fit, or what I plan on is making a 2 foot extension cable so I can mount this antenna on my vest on my back so the antenna is in clear sight. They fit perfect on my UV-5RTP. You have to use the large o-ring to fill in the space but that’s fine. It seals it from water and dirt too!
Did not do the measurements yet. Apparently Rx and Tx is a bit better than stock UV-5R antenna. Two gaskets are not enough for UV-5R, will need to find some, not a problem.
Product is really good and working recieved in 20days. But it doesn't fit on the throat properly it keeps slipping off and needs to be pressed on throat or neck then only it can catch the vibration from you vocal cord and turn it into audio. Which can be heard on other WT Walkie-Talkie.
Antennas were sent packaged as a circle and this leaves permanent bend. Cosmetics, yes. Approved, NO! Works ok. Reception breaks after 2,6km in mixed terrain (houses, fields and woods). Better than original Baofeng UV-9R. About one third better signal. Original antennas? ..probably, but i dont have equipment for measuring.