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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for beautytown
Just as described. She gets a wee bit tangly but that’s easily sorted by steaming her through. Yellow is super duper bright so I’m gonna look mad when I do this up huge
It's nice, I really like it! It doesn't look as good on me as I was hoping for. But it's great, it does get frizzy & tangled as expected. I plan on doing more looks with it soon, so follow me on Instagram:
This wig is both good and has issues. The pros are the excellent fibres of the wig, the accurate colour of the red. The lace fits the front of the head well and covers the hair by the ears which is often an issue with some lace fronts. This has plenty of cover in that regard. the cons..there is a very narrow band of laced wig at the sides and the base of the wig is a bright light cream which is visible if you wish to style the wig . The wefts are also sewn on in bright cream thread . The only style i could do is the one in the pictures and even then i'd have to be careful for the cream not to show through. I can fix this by dying the base but it really should not be that light for such a strong red colour aswell as the lace part be wider at the sides i have shortened the wig for my own tastes, it does come as long as in the photos on the site.
I'm deffenitly LOVING this wig, it's my third one from beautytown! They feel so good and have a thin lace...I have a great communication with the seller and is worth more than 5 stars! delivery in 7 days to Belgium...This is literally amazing! Can't wait to buy my next one!! So much love.
The wig came in a week! It is beautiful, it feels very soft and the hairline looks realistic. It does have more layers in the front than it shows in the picture, but if that’s what you are looking for, I recommend it!