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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bike cree
The product is very good. My opinion this is an original Fenix product. The weight is so easy and the lamp body is strong. Unfortunately the transport was quite slow, It was about 40 days. :( Nevertheless I satisfied with the product!
The product description was accurate although the seller suffers from the same drawback other Aliexpress sellers suffer from: a bunch of redundant words barely related to the actual product in the title. And AFAIK the seller was a bit slow getting the item shipped from China. And the item spent too much time in customs in Belarus. Nearly a month. Not the seller's fault of course. This is my second flashlight from this seller and both work fine. Have a good day!
Very good quality. Nice and clear light. No annoying sound in High mode. Head in High is heating very fast but this means that heat conductance is very good, nevertheless flashlite will step down light level after 3 minutes. LED is centered perfectly, reflector is clear and without any dust. Light is focused, but not to much and flashlite can be use as EDC as well as thrower. In package is also lanyard and spare o-ring.