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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for biolomix blender
The quality of materials and assembly is average, you need to stretch all the bolts. The engine is very fast and powerful. In general, I am happy with the purchase, how reliable time will show. Thank you store!
its a beautiful blender didnt know it was this big happy for that the more the merrier the saying goes, I tried it with smoothies yummm, I have only one problem the word on the blender "biolomix" the words are stickers falling off it after one use of this blender, but other than that its a great blender, thanks seller.
Love it !! Great Blender and much more powerful than expected , arrived fast ! (Would have received faster if UPS would have been accurate & to the point . ! Instead delivering it Friday “ excused by not able to get in touch the recipient “ No phone calls or delivery note from ups
this blender is the as good if not better then a blendtec or a vitamix at 1/5 the price. I'm telling you save your wallet and buy this blender you won't be sorry. this thing does a heck of a job. turns dry items to powder and wet item into silk. this thing is amazing and you have to try it. it's amazing just get one