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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bjd boneca fortuna dia
Very happy with the body and the hands that perfectly fit my blythe. However I think I have been very lucky with transportation because there was no foam or bubble plastic sheet in the parcel so it is quite surprising that the item was not broken. Satisfied anyway.
These are really well made, no issues with loose joints or weak bits. The only issue is bent ankles, which can be fixed with hot water. Fair word of warning, normal skin color is between obitsu or azone white and fleshtone, so if you are customizing, get a lighter color head. It's easier to blush on darker colors then try to make the whole head lighter.
This is a well made and versatile doll top. It can be worn as a dress for Blythe or Stacie (Barbie's little sister) dolls but works equally well as a tunic top for 11 1/2 inch Barbie dolls. Lovely top!
A cor combina perfeitamente com a minha Pullip Kit Mio Mocha, adorei! Muito obrigada, produto de ótima qualidade! Great quality product and the color matches perfectly with my doll! Thank you very much!
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