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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for preto gravata borboleta homens
Fairly good quality product. Very good value at this price. I think the fabric is a bit shinier than the pictures, but it still looks good for black tie. The bow tie is pre tied, but you can slide the band that goes round it in the middle left and right quite a bit before you see the stitching underneath in that area if you want to make it lopsided so it looks like you really tied it. The clasp on the cummerbund and hook on the bow tie are solid and comfortable. The pocket square / handkerchief is not great quality, but personally I didn't care about that. It seems to have very strong crease lines (these may come out with ironing though) and be made of very thin fabric. Delivered to the UK in 10 days. This was only a couple of weeks after the Chinese New Year festival too so was surprised there were no delays. Very impressed with shipping speed. Good tracking, seems to have been sent to UK via Sinotrans from China.