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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for peruca rosa preto
Product delivered as expected. Delivery speed was only moderate, ordered 2 weeks before chinese new year and received items after 4 weeks all inclusive. (other sellers from which I bought at the exact same time with the exact same shipping service were almost 2 weeks quicker)
Colour and style as pictured but the wig length was not what I expected. The mannequin shows chin level length but it is actually just long enough to reach the bottom of the ears. Would suit a child better than an adult. This wig glows neon orange under UV/black light.
This wig is cool and I am very satisfied with it. Of course, a few hair fallen out but I think it will be OK now. Wig is little bit heavy what is good because it holds well on head. Color of the wig is perfect and I could recommend. Thank to seller.