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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for liquidificador plástico
This is second time I order these sponges. They're great! Nice and soft, and grow when wet. The only draw back is that sponge looses colour washed. So after a few months of use the colour is no longer so vibrant. But fortunately, it's only during washing and pink colour doesn't transfer onto make up.
Item came a little sooner than expected. All parts and pieces match. I have not put it to the test yet, but during cleaning process, I am satisfied with craftsmanship. It already outperforms any blender I ever had.
When I unpacked and touched it, wasn't so amazed, but after trying to apply cream concealer, more than happy. It is much softer feel on the skin than when I touched it with my finger. This kind of brush is not necessity, but my eyes are placed quite deep and have problems to blend and reach concealer in eyes corners and under. The angeled shape is ideal for it, blend nicely. Can be also used for sculpting, conturing and even highlighting. Recommend brush and seller