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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blender w
came quite quickly but good quality not the same coulers as shown on photo but still bright colours. Quite small compared to normal beauty blenders but i think it will grow in water.
I bought this not for make up but to use as an art tool to blend gouache and opaque watercolors. It works fine for that but it absorbs quite a bit of color, so maybe it is a good idea to wet it a lot if you plan to use it to apply liquid make up because I think it can absorb a lot of the product. It is not super soft (I find it quite hard, in fact), but for the price and for what I am going to use it, I am happy with it. The shipping took forever, though, and there was no tracking available.
have not used yet, but from the look of them, they are good quality. Not any different than what I pay top $$ for in the stores. fast ship as well thanks.