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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blf
This is exactly the driver used in the BudgetLightForum group buy, surprised to find this driver and glad I bought it. A comparatively simple installation into the SF34 netted a whopping output gain to over 5000 lumens... the construction of the light is unable to cope with this much gain though so I took steps to handle the heat by turning a heat sink that I secured with the MCPCB sandwiched between it and the reflector and appropriate thermal paste installed. Great driver, attractive price... can't go wrong here! :)
An original BLF Q8 battery tube. Anodization is done extremely well, well lubrified, actually better than the stock tube, and comes with dual gold plated springs and a very good tailcap. TLDR: A BLF Q8 replacement battery tube and tailcap for those who want it.