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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluedio t3
1-product quality stands. 2-product heavy, about 500 gr. 3-ear parts are soft leather and I like it, the ears do not hurt. 4-bluetooth connection is very easy on the phone, if the appropriate program on the computer is easy, I connect with the toschiba bluetooth connection drivers, there is no problem. 5 - Since it is not a turkish user manual, it took me a little hard to plug in the sd card and get the music sound, but I have to solve it, pushing the sd card down and pushing it towards the head so the sd sits in the card socket. 6-I think that everything would be very nice if the sd card made it easier to settle. 7-thanks seller
It is a good quality and multi functional product. Yo can use it with cable or via Bluetooth. Sound quality is pleasing, and it has impressive bass performance. It is a heavy headphone (really, I mean it). You feel it when you hold it or put it on your head. Its material makes it heavy and strong. Is it one of the best headphones on the market? When you consider its price, I can say yes. Also I should thank to the seller for quick shipping and perfectly protective packaging.
Very good headphones, my second pair after I lost the first. My friends even borrow my headphones while we're at the gym because of the quality and bass in them. Great value for money.