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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bow wallet women
I have been searching for a green wallet for my abundance purposes and am glad I found this one. I have been using this wallet and absolutely love that it protects my cell phone so well and has space for my cards and money. I placed velcro tabs on my phone case and in the wallet where the elastic band is, to keep my phone in place and it has been amazing. The strap is wonderful, as I tend to sometimes be clumsy and drop things. It has exceeded my expectations.
The wallet material looks like nice quality, the "skeleton" feels decently resistant and the leather is very soft and nice to the touch. Although the color is a bit more dull than I expected, it still looks elegant and cute (the bow looks better in real life than in pictures) It has a good amount of card slots and a lot of pockets, which is always a plus. Overall I'm satisfied, I would definitely suggest it!
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