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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cereja marrom
Definitely worth the money, the keyboard is excellent, the lightning software is great as well. I recommend the keyboard to anyone interested in mechanical keyboards. The seller is communicative and helpful, couldn't be more happy. I hope he sells many more keyboards of this quality!
The product is really good and well built, got some minor issues with the software. I had to pay 28 euros of vat! Anyway it arrived in my country in 8 days and arrived to my house in 27 days.
Very nice switches! Works great with Razer Balckwidow Ultimate 2014, I changed all of the keys, and they are very similar to the original ones (sound is a little bit different and they are just slightly softer, but overall, very similar). They also have space for LEDs if you want to install them. Very fast delivery, received mine within 2 weeks. All recommendations for the seller
Don't know if it's a hardware bug or just the operating system screwing up, but when num lock is active pressing a key will trigger 3 calls (144, key address, 144), and by pressing it repetitively it triggers the effect of the key when num lock is disabled (pressing "1" at a fast pace, 2-4 key presses per second, has a random chance of sending the "end" signal). In rest is a very good keypad, happy with it. Lucky in Linux I can remap the keypad so the bug doesn't happen.