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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for escova de contorno
5 star and I would give 10 if I could!! Can’t stress enough just how good these brushes are !! They are neither too soft nor too harsh and just right for applying eyeshadow , absolutely delighted with them and recommend the seller!!
good weight to them! so freaking Beautiful and they are beyond soft. can't wait to use them. I will be posting a review of them on my IG megup86 if you want to check it out. MUST BUY!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!
another fabulous brush. This store is incredible. I've gotten so many brushes now from them and everyone has been fine quality and multi-purpose. I hate it when you get a brush that only can be used for one thing because of design or quality or function or all of the above. All of these brushes can be used for multiple purposes. I love this store and am a Forever customer
Product delivered. Ordered February 1st. Took 6 weeks to get here. Pretty fast for delivery here. Product is beautiful. A little lighter then the picture, but I’m not complaining. Very, very soft. Thank you seller!!