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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tipo c chaveiro
Delivery to Bangkok only 7 days. Works. supports USB keyboard, and USB flash-drive connected to a smartphone. Works on either position (as type C could be inserted by either side). Tested on Samsung A8+. Good quality. Made from metal. It looks even USB3. Recommended.
Delivery to Bangkok only 9 days. Items look very good quality - "tough", "metallic" feel. Looks like they are indeed made of aluminum, as promised. Arrived 2 unites, as advertise, each with a nice little chain with carabine-locks on each side of the chain - exactly as on the picture. Tested with Samsung A8+ - work perfect with either a USB-flash drive or with a USB-keyboard. Most probably USB3.0/3.1 speed supported (but I didn't have anything USB3.0, so I can not test the speed transfer, but, judging by the blue color of its A-port, it look like it is a USB3, rather than USB2 device). The only stupid thing I did - I bought the black color pair rather than color-less silver ones, which I believe might lead to scratching off the black color if kept together with keys. Will probably order silver-colored ones, as I love this thing. Highly recommended.