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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for conjunto bolo
Excellent goods! The quality is excellent, appearance - as on the photo. I want to thank the seller - Mike Liu for his responsiveness and decency! I had missed the period of storage of the parcel in my post office, and the parcel has gone back to China. The seller has quickly resent the same parcel to me, without waiting so far the first returns to him. Operational, professional work of shop! Sincerely I recommend!
The set of 4 pieces of small size round tip nozzles, where kind of saw-edge ailes first cutted and then turned to point down to middle of the nozzles top openings - swirls in horizontal level. The set was sold in a true bargain price for the both manufaturing and steel quality of the nozzles. I recommend the set - also tp other piping decorations, than just the drop flower, and I also recommend the store and the seller; many thanks to seller for fast shipping of my order.
Sorry for late confirm. Arrive in 12 days, impressed by delivery time, everything in perfect condition, but didn't try them yet, will do during this weekend, thanks seller, will buy again from this store
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