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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for capless wig
This wig is so comfortable! I removed the headband and cut it to just past the shoulders, with angles starting at the chin and I am so happy with it! I can wear it all day and forget that it is even there. Looks great, feels great.
excatly like the pictureonly tip with a straightingen iron You can melt the limes a little bit afterparty sowing in so it's more natural at the hè hairline .than it's perfect
fantastic quality wig, nice + thick, I'm just wishing the color was a little different ( darker brown), I was almost going to order the darker color but was afraid it would be the black one. But this wig is still amazing so thank you so much :-)
A bit darker than we expected - almost black. Has a very nice shape, well made. Doesn’t look natural, but has a nice style. Two week delivery to Toronto - Record time.
I bought this wig second time. But this time there are differences in craft: hairs on back are much sparser (inner net is visible) and hairs on forehead are very longer - even when wig is pushed back on a heat then hairs cover eyes (on male medium head) - so I would need to go to hair-cutter with this one. SO QUALITY IS INCONSISTENT. Another thing: for this hair's color inner net should be in skin color, but is black - it shouldn't. So finally I'm little disappointed in comparison with earlier buy, but at least SHIPMENT WAS FAST - 15 days to Europe.
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