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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cokin nd
Fast shipment. Items exactly as described. However, some of the mounting rings (in this case the 77mm and 49mm) were too thick to fit properly in the holder. It took a while to file down the 77m ring to fit properly and work smoothly. The 49mm is probably a lost cause - too much metal to file down... The holders are not as strong as the french-made original - but at this price, they are good enough. The filters actually look pretty good!
Everything's all right. The filters are scratch-free. For amateur photography fully satisfactory. The filter is straight, no curvature in the image or some other anomaly. How much shifted colors I can not judge. It is certain that the color shift occurs on all filters and does not matter if they are profi overpriced or cheap plastic. Yes, the glass will definitely be better. I'll try, I'll see. Thank you
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