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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for quadrinhos mangá
I really like these markers. They are everything I wanted and expected (I am oddly specific with my drawing tools, and have spent ages buying and trying art supplies, most of which have left me disappointed). These ones are comfortable to hold, and colour nicely, and are easy to blend (my recommendation would be to include at least one transparent/0/blendng marker in this set since most people will need it). I will proably return to this store in the future if I ever need more markers.
I bought this pen for the nib in order to fit it in a Jinhao fountain pen. I managed to obtain ink flow by pressing nib to feed by attaching a small wire around them. I have now a flexible nib fountain pen. I wonder why they dont produce flexible nibs for Jinhao fountain pens.
All the nibs I had when this penholder arrived actually fitted really well. The holder is short compared to holders I am used to, it is about the size of a normal pen, but it feels very nice in the hand, the shape is good, and the weight is light. I am very happy with this purchase :-)