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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosplay makoto
It’s cute sweater, the pink is a little darker than the picture but it’s not a big difference. The pockets are sewed together but a scissor would cut it open. Over all I love it, the material is velvetish it’s more of a cardigan. Size up! overall it was worth it
beautiful. great size, great color. the parts that go in the ear are made out of plastic, which is great because I'm allergic to most metals. I can't wait to use them for my cosplay, absolutely beautiful. they took 29 days to arrive
it's a really nice cosplay, really snug and the coat part is warm. i recommend buying pants seperately though, as the ones included are huge even though the jacket/coat are fine. this next part isn't really a downside, more of an interesting feature. the jacket cannot be unzipped all the way unless you put both pull tabs at the back of the hood. it's no problem for me, as makoto wears it closed anyways (and so do i), i just thought it should be pointed out.
Good quailty, big for a small but i can sew it up to fit me. Sadly instead of red stripes its more of a purplish/burgundy which sucks but in camera it looks a bit red. Other than that its overall quality is good. Took way too long to arrive though.