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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ferramenta de cobertura
I received my tool after 54 days . Delivered door-to-door by Posta Romana. Please pay attention at the size of this tool. The description is correct but looking at the pictures in product description seems bigger. The paper box was a little bit damaged but the product inside was in very good condition and sealed in an additional transparent plastic.Otherwise looking good. I am not sure that i could use the tool to open my watches ... i tried with one of my watch and does not working ...because the 2 pins / bits are not so good to fixed them in the back case of the watch. The open size is very good as long as the position of the 2 pins can change/resize more than 50 mm.Thanks for the tool. Good price.
Order received in good delivery!. Packaging is cheap and very good quality. very good Watch Back Case Cover Opener Remover.good finish. .this product is worth its money. All super thanks .....leo.from .Belgium..EU.************* 5