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Wild Nature Design Ring with Pink Sapphire, 4ct. Radiation test result rises to level of heated natural gemstones and/or simulated gemstones. Thermal conductivity test result rises nowhere. Color under ultraviolet light purplish Blue with Red Shadow. Both natural and synthetic Pink Sapphire is red according to tester list, diamond purple and blue. Diamond rarely red according to some results. Natural Pink Sapphire is more strongly red than Synthetic according to West Scientific Sources, which tell that Heating can change color appearing under ultraviolet light. West price level for Natural Unheated Pink Sapphire is 3000-10960USD/1ct. Sold price for Pink Sapphire Ring 9600USD, for sale 22000EUR, 19500USD, 80000CHF at West markets. European price for Pink Diamond 4ct 4 millions 704000USD. Pink Diamond number 5. and number 8. at the list of worlds most expensive diamonds: Pink Star over 70ct 71,2 millions USD, The Perfect Pink 14.3ct 23 millions USD