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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for triturador de grãos
Whoohoo! This machine smashes and crushes everything into pieces within seconds. The motor is so powerful that the shredded material heats up rather soon. But there is absolutely no need to grind it for a long time. Like it!
Good build quality though some suggestions to improve it. the supports really should have two mounting pints for the cross bars. with the single one that is present when you grind they tend to want to move unless you've secured them to a board by drilling additional holes to ensure they done shift. Also some instructions for those that may not have experience with a grinder may be helpful as well. Shorter screws with locking ball nuts would be good as it would provide a smoother surface for grain to slide down. I actually put my screws backwards so that they would not impede the grain getting stuck behind the nut, this was difficult towards the lower screws to secure. All in all, good quality, some disassembling required to remove the film in the aluminum pieces. Stainless pieces are sturdy and should hold up well, time will tell though.