Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dice d12
I am so pleased with how they look, feel, and roll. Much care was taken with the packaging making sure they would come safe. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
Dice looks and feels nice. I did water test(balance) and d24 and d30 seems not fully randomized(for example d30 is showing 9 in water more then 50%) D60 seems ok. Maybe because of the size
amazing dice, and came in perfect time for my DND session. very good time, about 2 weeks and provides detailed shipping updates. two identical sets of a d20, d12, d9 d...90? d8, d6 and d4. great quality and secure, reliable package. there is no way this order will be damaged in the mail. great service at a great price, 10/10 would shop here again :D