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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dac smsl s
For the price a great sounding little dac with noticeable improvement in sound clarity over pc on-board sound and sound card. I can now drive my Sennheisers to volume levels that hurt and it's still distortion free. Very fast delivery too!
Lovely. Makes details, not otherwise audible with a motherboard DAC, audible. Fairly powerful. With the volume knob at 25% my HE400s are about as loud as I'd want them to be. Affordable and came in a nice box! Definitely a great starting AMP/DAC.
Mind blowing product. I had Q5 pro and wanted to upgrade. A perfect product for my Boston Acoustics BA26 pair of speakers. Love the interface, small tower form factor and multiple numbers of supported inputs. I am using it on PC via optical out. It is a bit heavy on bass compared to Q5 Pro but have more sound separation and better high frequency response than Q5 pro. I don't know how they have done it knowing that input parts are same. But difference is very much noticeable. Received with universal 110-230V adapter with 5 amp rating. Packaging was perfectly done by seller. SMSL original box packaging is awesome. Thank you seller for the Type-C Metal adapter as added gift. Overall i am very happy with the product. I highly recommend seller and the product.
It's the right solution that i wish to buy. I was looking for small size amp with high power and fancy quality of sound. The housing's appearance is also very well finished. Every function works well upon the product description. Especially, i should say the seller is quite responsible for the feedback and shipment. Every reply on my question is good and immediate.
Packaged very well! Set up took a bit of time mostly due to the small screen, but I do have old eyes; after that worked as it should. Blue tooth set up for HiBy was easy and now I can find and select music easily!
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