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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tripé de mesa
This is truly a great product. The quality is even better than what I have seen from other "known" brands. I am not that sure about the mechanism to enlarge the legs, maybe this should not be done too often (personally, I do not even need this), but the rest is built very well and its quality is insane for this price.
This is an excellent mini tripod. It feels solid and it's mostly metal. The ball head is metal with nice rubberized screw, which is easy to operate. The head can be easily removed. The construction is sturdy to survive a heavy DSLR and there is a soft pouch, a nice no-thrills box and Allen key for tightening perhaps loosen screws. And it took about 14 days to reach Europe. Very nice.
This is a really good tripod. It's surprisingly small when closed up, and not much bigger when fully extended. Feels heavy, but has an actual ballhead, which is very nice (and justifies the weight). Feels sturdy. Combine it with a monopod or a selfie stick with a 1/4 hole at the bottom, and you'll have the most portable and versatile tripod ever. It also has a quick release clamp, complete with a plate too. The ballhead is detachable. Awesome! I love it! Highly recommended.