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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for exibição ps vita 1000
High quality red panel. My only gripe is that the screw holes are extremely tight - a #00 screwdriver with a proper handle is a good idea, as opposed to those thin metal ones.
Item was sent and arrived very quickly. Just a little warning: because the display is new, the screws had to 'carve' into their slots which was difficult with the tools I had.
Good, as described. Unfortunately I thought the back cover was included, the advertised pictures kind of looked like that. By fault anyhow, does the job perfectly and came in only 10 days.
The display may be new, and I know the seller didn't specify that it's pulled from a new Vita, but there's a few tell tale signs that it is not pulled from a new Vita, it's put together from OEM ish parts? To be honest, if you have a new Vita why would you pull it apart! A few things that I noticed that along the way of installing the replacement that tells me it's not from a new Vita: -Replacement does not include the silver rings under the analogue sticks, you'll have to rip the ones off the screen you took off. they are glued in place so be careful. -Under the speaker holes there should be a dust filter glued in place (you won't be able to pull it off without ripping the filter), replacement does not have this. -On the inside of the replacement there are silver splashes of paint, from when the side frame was sprayed? Real one does not have this, not on mine anyway.