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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for doogee smartphon
This seller was amazingly fast and great what I am reviewing below is the Phone itself: after 4 Days of use: The Good: - Really as described strong and rugged with an amazing look. - Phone was fast responsive and has a relatively good tools/options.(although I removed the Doogee launcher and installed the google launcher) - NFC/bluetooth/sensors were tested and work great. - Battery life (not fully tested) but it took 2 days of heavy use to fully empty. The Bad: - Camera although it's 20 MP it's not really great and I couldn't install google hdr+ (I didn't try root) - The headphones/Charger plugs are not rubberized and a bit difficult to open.I recommend buying a wireless charger/headphones. - Wireless charging takes too long (6 hours aren't enough to go 100%.) and phone will heat up. all and all for a rugged phone this is an amazing price. one note: if you hold the PTT button it would restart the phone for me. removing the Zello app fixed this.
I Dont receive the product, but i receive the full refund from Aliexpress with no trouble since was not idelivered n on-time delivery set date. The seller is very helpfull, i talk with him many times during the send, i recomend.